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MIDI Control for Electro Harmonix x9

MIDI Control for Electro Harmonix x9

We are developing a MIDI Control module for Electro Harmonix B9/C9/Key9/Mel9/Synth9 guitar effects.

Many musicians ask us regarding the controller for EHX x9 guitar effects. These pedals have another control principle than POG2-type pedals and thus another HW module and firmware has to be developed. The new MIDI module will allow to musicians to entirely control the x9 guitar effects including the ON footswitch, the program selector (1-9) and the control knobs (Dry, Organ, Mod, Click in case of C9 pedal).

Advantages of remote MIDI control

The x9 pedals with MIDI control can be mounted in rack and they can be controlled remotely by a MIDI foot controller or by a computer. The program number (instrument type) and its parameters can be changed by single pressing a footswitch on a MIDI controler. No manual turning the knobs during live playing is necessary.

Moreover, the parameters such as MOD or CLICK can be controlled in real-time by an expression pedal or by control data from a computer.

The development is in progress ...

12. Oct 2018 All basic control functions work: switch on/off, programs switching, potentiometers control

3. Sep 2018 We have a new control module, it's a 4-layer PCB board that fits in the x9 enclosure:

MIDI module for EHX x9

30. Nov 2017 We have the first prototypes of the main and display boards:

MIDI module for EHX x9




1. Internal variant: the control module is built in the x9 enclosure, the display box is on the top od the x9 pedal.

MIDI module for EHX x9 pedals


2. Rack variant: the x9 pedal is screwed at the rear side of the 1U rack panel.

Rack variant of MIDI x9 control



The prices for both variants will be published when the development is finished.