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MIDI Agente Relay Loop

MIDI Agente Relay Loop is a programmable switcher of guiter effects and channels on a guitar amp. It's suitable for guitarists who have more guitar pedals and want to control their combinations during a live performance by a single pressing of a button of a foot MIDI controller. Some variants include also a Hi-Z preamp.

MIDI Agente Relay Loop

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This MIDI switcher responds on incoming MIDI messages Program Change, Control Change or Note by switching of up to 8 loops of guitar effects and up to 4 channels of a guitar amp. Any combination of loops and switches can be programmed on each program number (1 - 128). It is also possible to program the response of single relays on single messages Control Change or Note.


MIDI Agente Relay Loop 8L4R1D Plus - frontpanel

MIDI Agente Relay Loop 8L4R1D Plus - preamp

MIDI Agente Relay Loop 8L4R1D Plus - MIDI IN

MIDI Agente Relay Loop 8L4R1D Plus - rearpanel

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