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MIDI Piccolo 4F

MIDI Piccolo 4F

Simple foot MIDI controller with 4 footswitches for controlling 4 presets of guitar effects or 4 channels of a guitar amp.

The MIDI controller can be connected to the controlled device using single MIDI cable which conducts MIDI signal and power supply. It's very simple to attach it fast and it saves time when unpacking the controller before a concert.

How it works

The MIDI controller has 4 footswitches with number 1 to 4. There is a LED near each of the four footswitches, indicating that the footswitch (preset) is on. When a fooswitch is pressed, the MIDI message Program Change on channel 1 is sent to MIDI output with the value according to the footswitch, so the first footswitch sends Program Change 1, second footswitch sends Program Change 2 and so on. 

The response on these simple MIDI messages can be programmed on a receiving device - MIDI switcher, amp, multieffect and so on.


Front view:

MIDI Piccolo 4F - přední pohled

Rear view:

MIDI Piccolo 4F - zadní pohled


MIDI Piccolo 4F - dimensions

Variants and prices

Standalone module without footswitches later
Complete MIDI Piccolo 4F controller sending PC#1 - 4 144.00 USD
Complete MIDI Piccolo 4F controller sending CC#50 - 53 for switching slots on Kemper Profiler 130.00 USD