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Universal MIDI modules for guitar pedals

Universal MIDI modules for guitar pedals

These universal MIDI modules facilitate controlling guitar pedals. They replace mechanical footswitches by electronically controlled relay swithes that respond on MIDI messages Program Change or Control Change. You can control your guitar pedal by a floor MIDI controller or by a computer via MIDI using these modules.


The principle of operation is that the built-in MIDI module electronically simulates pressing a footswitch and replaces an activity which would have to be carried out during the guitar playing. Instead, just by pressing a button on a foot MIDI controller in the front of a stage, the guitar pedal at the back of the stage is automatically set to its state like the the original footswitch would be pressed. By pressing one footswith on the MIDI controler can be even set many effects simultaneously, depending on the capabilities of the controller.

How to use it

The user reconnects the wires from mechanical footswitches to the MIDI-controlled relay switches on the module. The relays are controlled both via MIDI and via the substitute footswitches that are the part of the module.

Relay positions on the MIDI module

Setting receiving MIDI channel

According to required MIDI channel, set the DIP switches this way:

Set MIDI channel on EHX POG2

Variants and prices

MIDI module for guitar pedals with 1 footswitch and 4PDT relay 80.00 USD
MIDI module for guitar pedals with 2 footswitches 95.00 USD
MIDI module with 4 digipots and 1 footswitch 150.00 USD
MIDI module with 6 digipots and 2 footswitches 250.00 USD