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MIDI Splitter

MIDI Splitter

MIDI Presto Splitter is used to divide the MIDI signal from one input into four (or eight) outputs. It is used to connect a MIDI signal from one source (eg. computer, sequencer, MIDI controller, keyboard) to multiple receiving devices (eg. audio modules, guitar effects, audio processors).

The input signal is galvanically isolated from other circuits, so this splitter is resistant to ground loops. The delay after passing through the splitter is in the order of 20 ns, which corresponds to the switching speed of a CMOS gate.

The power supply can be from 8 to 15 VDC or AC. In the case of DC power, the polarity on the connector may be arbitrary. Current consumption is cca 20 mA.

Variants and prices

MIDI Presto Splitter 1:4 Complete product in a box and with a power supply adapter 1 input to 4 outputs 79.00 USD
Module of MIDI Presto Splitter 1:4 Standalone module without a box 44.00 USD
MIDI Presto Splitter 2:8 Complete product in a box and with a power supply adapter Switchable configuration:
1 input to 8 outputs,
or 2× 1 input to 4 outputs
95.00 USD
Module of MIDI Presto Splitter 2:8 Standalone module without a box 61.00 USD