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MIDI Modules

There are some excellent guitar effects that are very useful for music creativity. And they are much more useful when they have MIDI control.

MIDI control module for Electro Harmonix guitar effects

Using our electronic MIDI modules, the guitar pedals can be controlled by Program Change or Control Change MIDI messages. The principle of operation is that the built-in MIDI controller electronically simulates turning and pressing knobs and buttons and replaces the activity which would have to be carried out during the guitar playing. Instead, just by pressing a button on a foot MIDI controller, the guitar effect is automatically set to the preset corresponding to the number of the received MIDI message.

Our offer

  • MIDI modules for build in Electro Harmonix and TC Electronic guitar pedals
  • Build-in service for customer's own pedal sent to us
  • New pedals with MIDI control installed by us

EHX C9 with MIDI control EHX POG2 with MIDI control EHX Cathedral with MIDI control EHX Ravish Sitar with MIDI control EHX Ring Thing with MIDI control EHX Talking Machine with MIDI control TCE Nova Delay with MIDI control


Some common infos on all our MIDI modules and pedals:

Setting MIDI Channel number and MIDI command

Configuration tool for EHX MIDI controllerSetting the number of the receiving channel can be done simply by using our web application MIDIConfig. The response on MIDI command Program Change or Control Change can also be set. To communicate with MIDI devices from a web browser, a USB-MIDI interface is necessary. It works with Chrome and Opera web browsers.

See also tutorial: How to set MIDI channel number and MIDI command type in POG2 MIDI controller? in Microdesignum forum.



Q: Is it possible to control it by any MIDI controller from the others brands?

A: Yes, it's compatible with any MIDI controller. It is controlled by Program Change (PC) MIDI command by default. It's the most basic command and every MIDI controller is able to send it. Moreover, it can be also configured to be controlled by Control Change (CC) command. All modern MIDI controllers can send it too. The EHX Cathedral Stereo Reverb has also the Tap/Freeze function controllable, it is controlled only by the CC command.