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MIDI Piccolo 4S1D

MIDI Piccolo 4S1D

Microdesignum MIDI Piccolo 4S1D is a miniature hand MIDI controller with LED display and quiet buttons for controlling music gear controllable via MIDI.

This controller sends MIDI commands Program Change and Control Change:

  • Program Change is a standard MIDI command for changing the index of musical instrument. It is used for controlling the number of the effect in guitar effect devices.
  • Control Change is a standard MIDI command often used for switching effects on/off or another properties within a selected program.

The MIDI controller is made with a special emphasis on mechanical resistance. The controller body is made of aluminum. Buttons are quiet and they don't disturb even in the intimate and club appearances. Rubber non-slip feet ensure adhesion to a desk.

The blue backlight of the top panel looks interesting and the controller is well visible even in the dark.

Control Buttons

  • 2 buttons ◂Program and Program▸ for subtract/add the program number (MIDI command Program Change) in the target device
  • 2 buttons CC1 and CC2 for sending two independent Control Change numbers with value alternately 0 and 127
  • Edit/Save button for comfortable programs remapping and global settings

MIDI Interface

  • MIDI OUT - legacy DIN7 connector with phantom supply on pins 6 and 7
  • MIDI IN - input for merge a MIDI signal from another device


  • When the ◂Program or Program▸ button is pressed, the controller sends a command into MIDI output to change the program number (PC - Program Change) to the actual number, which is indicated on the display. It can be remapped, thus for example PC#10 can be set on program number 2.
  • When the CC1 button is pressed, the controller sends the Control Change command into MIDI output with the number that is globally set and the value depending on the state of the button: if the button lights on, the value is 127; if the button lights off, the value is 0.
  • The function of the CC2 is the same as CC1 but the CC number is another. Both CC1 and CC2 numbers are configured globally and they are still the same for all Program Change numbers.

Display and Indication

  • High brightness segment LED display: 3 red characters show the selected number of MIDI program - effect (0-127 or 1-128). The display shines very brightly and the displayed characters have sufficient contrast even in direct sunlight exposure and also do not glare even in complete darkness.
  • The status of the CC1 and CC2 buttons is indicated by their green backlight.

Power Supply

  • Supply connector for connecting supply adapter.
  • Phantom supply via MIDI cable: either AC or DC voltage 8 - 15 V on pins 6 and 7 of DIN7 connector. (If needed, we can connect supply also on pins 1 and 3 as a custom adjustment.)


Web Manual for MIDI Piccolo 4S1D

Variants and prices

Module MIDI Piccolo 4S1D Standalone MIDI module without enclosure and a power supply adapter 200.00 USD
MIDI Piccolo 4S1D Complete MIDI controller in aluminium enclosure, with a power supply adapter 220.00 USD


We can customize each individual unit according to the customer requirements. If interested, please contact us.