MIDI Piccolo 4S1D Small MIDI controler with 4 hand-controlled buttons

MIDI Piccolo 4S1D
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Small MIDI controler segment LED display with 2 buttons for PROGRAM CHANGE (PC) and 2 buttons for CONTROL CHANGE (CC) MIDI commands:

  • Red buttons increase or decrease the number of program - PROGRAM CHANGE. Each program number is remapable.
  • Green buttons switch on and off the value of CONTROL CHANGE - toggle between value 0 and 127


Globally configurable parameters:

  • MIDI channel number (1-16)
  • Beginning (1-127) and end (2-128) value of range
  • Displayed range: 1–128 or 0–127
  • Number of CC1 and CC2 (0 - 127)


  • 104 × 50 × 36 mm


Property Value
Number of buttons: 4
Number of displays: 1
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Hand MIDI controllers

Small MIDI controllers controlled by hand (not by foot as the most of our controllers).