• MIDI cables

    MIDI cables

    Quality MIDI cables suitable for connecting a MIDI controller and a MIDI-controlled device (guitar multieffect, sound module or an instrument).

  • MIDI cables DIN7

    MIDI cables DIN7

    MIDI cables with DIN7 connectors on both sides are suitable for conducting bidirectional MIDI signals (MIDI IN and MIDI OUT) and power supply. They can be used with all our Microdesignum MIDI controllers.

  • MIDI cables with power supply attached

    These MIDI cables conduct power suply from a MIDI controlled device (on the rack side) to a MIDI controller. They are suitable for all our MIDI controllers and also for other MIDI controlers from some other manufacturers.

    MIDI cable with power supply attached

  • Ethernet cables

    Ethernet cables

    Ethernet cables EthPlus with durable Neutrik connectors suitable for our Microdesignum MIDI controllers MIDI Grande and MIDI Forte - "Plus" models with conducting of all signals via an ethernet cable.