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MIDI Grande electronic kits

We also offer MIDI Grande controllers as separate electronic kits without the box and power supply adapter for affordable prices. It is completely functional and tested set of modules and components with display and long enough cables for building into your own box or pedalboard. It is suitable for thrifty handyman who want to have a high-quality MIDI controller for the lowest price on the market.

MIDI Grande electronic kit

Prices of MIDI Grande electronic kits

Shipping cost is not included in the price of the product. You will see the total price after adding the items to a cart.

TypeElectronic kit
without footswitches
Electronic kit
with footswitches
MIDI Grande 5F1D 155.00 USD $153 USD
MIDI Grande 6F1D 160.00 USD $165 USD
MIDI Grande 7F1D 165.00 USD $180 USD
MIDI Grande 8F1D 170.00 USD $194 USD
MIDI Grande 10F1D 180.00 USD $205 USD
MIDI Grande 12F1D 190.00 USD $230 USD
MIDI Grande 14F1D 200.00 USD $255 USD
MIDI Grande 16F1D 210.00 USD $280 USD
MIDI Grande 18F1D 220.00 USD $305 USD


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Dimensions of boards

Footswitch board: 16 × 31 mm

Board for footswithes

MIDI, power supply and expression board: 130 × 27 mm

Connector board

Display and buttons board: 77 × 42 mm

Display and buttons board

Breakout board for footswitches: 55 × 33 mm

Breakout board for footswitches