MIDI Piccolo 4F Simple foot MIDI controller with 4 footswitches for controlling 4 presets

MIDI Piccolo 4F
Category: MIDI Controllers
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Weight: 0,750 kg

Order code: MP-4F

Simple miniature MIDI controller for switching 4 MIDI programs. Sends MIDI messages Program Change 1 to 4 on channel 1.

Dimensions: 254 × 50 × 35 mm


Property Value
Model line: MIDI Piccolo
Number of footswitches: 4
Number of displays: 0
EtherCon connector: no
Number of pedals: 0
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MIDI Controllers

MIDI controllers are electronic devices for controlling musical equipment. Most of our MIDI controllers are controled by foots - they have footswitches for controlling especially guitar gear during a live prerformance.