MIDI Presto Merger 2:1 MIDI merger of 2 inputs to 1 output - MIDI Merge Box

MIDI Presto Merger 2:1
Category: MIDI Interfaces
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Weight: 0,250 kg

Order code: MPR-M21

MIDI merger of 2 inputs to one output in a durable aluminium enclosure. Two sources of MIDI signal are connected to MIDI IN1 and MIDI IN2 inputs. MIDI Presto Merger mergers them to one output MIDI OUT as fast as possible, without any noticeable delay. Using this Merge box, one input MIDI device (for example a sound module) can be simultaneously controled from two output devices (for example master keyboard and a computer).

Includes a power supply adapter.

Dimensions: 124×30×50 mm


Property Value
Number of MIDI inputs: 2
Number of MIDI outputs: 1
Enclosure: aluminium
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