MIDI Grande 6F1D-1P MIDI controller with 6 footswitches and an expression pedal on a board.

MIDI Grande 6F1D-1P
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Microdesignum MIDI Grande is a family of universal and beautiful MIDI foot controllers. They transmit MIDI messages Program ChangeControl Change and/or synchronization commands (SyncStartContinueStop) to a guitar amp, effect or an effect processor, which respond by switching to a different sound, channel, etc. They are built with emphasis on easy to use buttons, as well as swift programming and mechanical durability. They work with any gear that is controllable by MIDI. They accept phantom power supply and they can be connected to a rack by a single cable.

This model MIDI Grande 6F1D-1P has 6 footswitches, 4 of them are for registers and 2 for banks switching. Each register (footswitch) has 2 layers: some MIDI messages can be programmed on the first press (red layer), other commands on the second press (green layer) of a register. Each layer can have programmed up to 8 MIDI messages. Each message can be sent on different MIDI channel. The registers can be globally configured to Program, Stompbox, Momentary, Down or Up mode. It has 32 banks.

MIDI Grande 6F1D-1P

An expression pedal is a part of the controller and can be fully programmed in each layer: CC number, channel, min and max. The pedal can be globally calibrated for correct computing the full range.

Dimensions: 360×200 mm

MIDI Grande 6F1D-1P

MIDI Grande controllers can communicate bidirectionally with Kemper Profiling Amplifier, Axe-FX and G-Major: it can visualise the tuner results received from one of these three guitar processors.

A web-based manual is available and many text or video tutorials are on our MIDI Grande forum. Custom adjustments are also possible.


Property Value
Model line: MIDI Grande
Number of footswitches: 6
Number of displays: 1
EtherCon connector: no
Number of pedals: 1
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MIDI Controllers

MIDI controllers are electronic devices for controlling musical equipment. Most of our MIDI controllers are controled by foots - they have footswitches for controlling especially guitar gear during a live prerformance.