MIDI Agente Relay Uno 2L Stereo Module Simple MIDI loop switcher module with 2 stereo loops

MIDI Agente Relay Uno 2L Stereo Module
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Order code: MAR-U-2LS-MOD

A module of MIDI loop switcher with 2 stereo loops. Each loop is individual and has these signals:

  • Input
  • Send
  • Return
  • Output

If an input is not connected, it takes the signal from previous section.

The module has no display nor buttons. Default MIDI channel is 1 and it can be changed using our MIDIConfig web application.

It responds on PROGRAM CHANGE (PC) MIDI messagess by default:

PC# Loop 1 Loop 2
1 Off Off
2 On Off
3 Off On
4 On On


The type of message can be changed to CONTROL CHANGE (CC) with its number.


Property Value
Number of loops: 2
Number of relays: 0
Number of outputs for relays: 0
Number of displays: 0
Number of MIDI inputs: 1
Number of MIDI outputs: 1
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