MIDI Agente Relay Tube 6 Uno module MIDI module for controlling 6 tube amp relays without a display

MIDI Agente Relay Tube 6 Uno module
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MIDI module for controlling 6 tube amp relays without a display. It has no relays but it has signals for switching the relays for each section: +12V, +5V, Re (Relay switch) and GND. In most cases, only +5V and Re signals (or +12V and Re) should be connected to the relay. More relays can be controlled by each section. Up to 0,5 A of current can be drawn from each section for switching the relays.

It also has no buttons. Any button can be connected according to your application.

The LEDs on the board are for checking purposes. Other LEDs can be connected in parallel. Each of the 6 LEDs lights red for off-state and green for on-state.


  • Receive PROGRAM CHANGE or CONTROL CHANGE message (according to global configuration).
  • Push the buttons to set the relays combination for the selected program.
  • Press SAVE button.

Receiving MIDI channel can be set in Learn mode:

  • Hold SAVE button for a while.
  • Send any PC or CC message from your MIDI controller
  • Press SAVE button.

The MIDI channel number, type of command (PC/CC) and many other parameters can be configured using MIDIConfig web application.

MIDI controller for tube amp

All signals for relays, LEDs and buttons are present on miniature connectors:

Schematic of MIDI controller for tube amp

Measures: 42×74 mm

Supply voltage can be 9 - 15 V AC or DC, arbitrary polarity.


Property Value
Number of loops: 0
Number of relays: 0
Number of outputs for relays: 6
Number of displays: 0
Number of MIDI inputs: 1
Number of MIDI outputs: 1
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